Jeff F

First Aid & CPR Instructor

P2, PCP-f, W-EMT

Jeff F's Bio and Background

Jeff Frenette is responsible for the oversight and instruction of EMT’s Instructor Training Program and develops all of EMT’s training programming.

He brings 35 years in the aquatic and emergency care fields in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario to EMT Canada as Lead Instructor-Trainer. Jeff has worked for both Land and Air Ambulance services as a paramedic, flight paramedic and air ambulance base supervisor throughout Ontario.

He has taught for first aid companies and organizations in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario including the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, Lifesaving Society of Canada, the National Safety Council, as well as for various YM-YWCA’s across Canada. He currently functions as a consultant for various first aid training organizations in Ontario.

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