Robyn S.

Paramedic Hiring Prep Manager

PCP - Primary Care Paramedic

Robyn S.'s Bio and Background


Humber college - Primary Care Paramedic - Honors 

University of Guelph - Biomedical Science - Deans List




MANERS Psychological First Aid

PALS provider 

Paramedic Self Defence course - Humber College


Primary Care Paramedic - 6 years

University of Toronto - Standardized patient - 8 years 

University of Guelph - Cadaver lab assistant

Para-Mentors - Paramedic Hiring Prep - Operations Manager

Fun Facts about Robyn

Robyn has 2 young cats that keep her quite busy, they have hilarious personalities and always have the “zoomies”. On her off days you can find her enjoying a nice hike, trying new restaurants with her Husband or friends, and in the the summer months you can find her jamming along at a local concert or watching the Blue Jays with the dome open hopefully!!

How and Why did Robyn get involved in First Aid and CPR training?

Robyn was always interested in medicine and providing care for others. She was always looking after others and caring for them when they had a minor injury or illness. After university and trying to decide what to do next, she remembers going to an information session about paramedicine at Humber College. The coordinator at the time was very passionate and that presentation helped our persuade Robyn to apply, and she has loved it ever since!

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Robyn S.

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