University & College Students

You're in a stage of life where you're learning new things and exploring your passions.

What if you could add a life-saving skill to your knowledge base?

How might that shape your future career and personal life?

Here's Why University & College Students Choose Para CPR and First Aid

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Why choosing a Top-Rate Training Provider is important for University & College Students

The pressure of academic life and the potential for accidents or health crises on campus are real concerns. Even more so at the parties you'll be at!

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How Para CPR and First Aid serves University & College Students

Standard First Aid & CPR C certification provides you with the knowledge & skills to handle emergencies, making the campus - and the afterparty - a safer place.

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First Aid CPR Training for University & College Students in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto

First Aid & CPR Certification is a game-changer for your studies and your future career.

Whether you're studying to become a healthcare professional, a teacher, a personal trainer, or a firefighter, these certifications aren't simply a bonus - they're essential! And in many of your fields of study, you can't graduate without the right First Aid & CPR certificate.

Blended In-Class & Online First Aid & CPR Training Courses
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What can University & College Students expect from Para CPR First Aid?

Why should Students get Trained & Certified with Us?

1. Real-World Training: Our courses are taught by actual paramedics who've been on the front lines, handling real-life emergencies. They bring their first-hand experience into the classroom, giving you practical knowledge that goes beyond textbooks.

2. Convenience: We offer public and private courses in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto. Plus, we have blended courses that combine online learning with in-person skills sessions, so you can balance your busy academic schedule.

3. Engagement: Our Paramedic-led First Aid & CPR courses are engaging and interactive. You won't just be sitting through lectures�you'll be actively participating and practising the skills you learn.

4. Affordability: We get it, budgeting is tough when you're a student. That's why we offer group discount rates of up to 40% off on our blended Standard First Aid & CPR courses.

5. Support: Our team is always ready to help you out, whether it's answering your questions or providing resources like Q&A, career-specific information, and updates on guidelines.

6. Recognition: Our certifications are recognized by the Ontario WSIB and across many professions. This means that our training is not only high-quality but also widely accepted.

Customized Training for University & College Students

We understand the specific needs and emergencies of a variety of workplaces and environments. If you're looking for first aid and CPR training for a more specialized application, browse through our list of clients below and choose the category which suits you best.

First Aid & CPR Training that Empowers

We're not only a first aid training provider - we're your partner in helping you protect your loved ones and achieving your career goals.

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