What's Better than Empowering CPR & First Aid Training?

Empowering Group Discount Rates on First Aid & CPR Training!

That's right, we empower you and a group of your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and team members by offering group discount rates on First Aid & CPR Training. Group training is more fun and more economical too!


Get Your Group Discount Codes Here

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Group of 2

10% Off

Group of 3

15% Off

Group of 4 +

20% Off

How to Use Group Discount Codes

  1. Gather your group together!
  2. Have the group "leader" register everyone on our website at the same time.
  3. Copy the code below which matches your group size.
  4. Visit the Blended Standard First Aid & CPR Course Page here.
  5. Adjust the order quanitity to match your group size & paste the code at checkout!

That's it! After checkout you'll receive a link to begin your Online Standard First Aid & CPR Course. The group leader should share that link with all group members. Each group member can make their own account and complete the Online First Aid Course at their own pace.

For best results, we recommend that your entire group takes their In-Class Training Session at the same time! Sure, you all benefit from the group discount, but training is always better & more fun when you're with a group of people you know. It's a great bonding experience, and is often full of jokes and laughs.

Once you copy your code, visit our Blended Half In-Class & Half Online Standard First Aid & CPR Course to Register & get started!