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Embrace the power to save lives with Para CPR & First Aid. If you're an aspiring RN, RPN, or NP in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto area, our paramedic-led courses are designed to equip you with vital, real-world skills for your nursing journey. Dive into hands-on learning that goes beyond the ordinary, transforming you into a confident healthcare professional ready to make a difference when it matters most.

"Master Life-Saving Skills with Para CPR & First Aid: Affordable, On-Demand Training Tailored for Nurses!"

Para CPR & First Aid equips nurses with essential life-saving skills through practical, paramedic-led courses and a flexible Discounted Preferred Client Rate program, ensuring affordable, on-demand training to meet the dynamic demands of their profession.

"Empower Your Nursing Career: Learn from Real Paramedics and Master the Art of Emergency Response!"

For students in nursing programs at colleges and universities, learning from real paramedics offers the most up-to-date, field-tested information, equipping them with practical skills to effectively respond to emergencies and a comprehensive understanding of on-scene paramedic operations.

"Boost Your Skills, Save Time & Money: Discover Our Tailored Blended Courses for Busy Nurses!"

As an RN, RPN, or NP Registered Nurse, our Half-Online, Half-In-Class Blended Courses at Para CPR & First Aid offer a time-saving, cost-efficient, and comprehensive learning experience tailored to suit your busy schedule.

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"Gain Confidence, Save Lives: Fast-Track Your Nursing Expertise with Our Paramedic-Led CPR & First Aid Training!"

"Gain Confidence, Save Lives: Fast-Track Your Nursing Expertise with Our Paramedic-Led CPR & First Aid Training!"

"Unlock Life-Saving Skills Now: Master First Aid & CPR with Real Paramedics and Elevate Your Nursing Career!"

Unlock the hero within you with Para CPR & First Aid's unique, paramedic-led training. Our blended courses, designed for nurses like you, bridge the gap between theory and real-life emergencies, empowering you to act confidently when every second counts. Don't just learn first aid and CPR - master it with us and become the life-saving force your patients need.

Nursing Team Group Discount Program

Elevate your nursing skills with Para CPR & First Aid, your trusted partner in first aid and CPR training. Our courses, led by real paramedics, offer RNs, RPNs, and NPs the practical knowledge needed to excel in emergencies. Plus, with our Discounted Preferred Client Rate, you'll enjoy the flexibility to train team members as needed - meeting the changing demands of the nurse profession with ease and affordability.

Boost Your Team's Emergency Response Skills with Para CPR & First Aid's Discounted Group Rate Program - Quality Training, Unbeatable Value!

Welcome to Para CPR & First Aid, where we make learning CPR and first aid manageable for busy RNs, RPNs, and NPs like you. Our blended courses offer a seamless blend of self-paced online learning and engaging instructor-led in-person skill sessions. You can start your course now, finish at your convenience, and schedule your in-person session afterwards. Plus, the price includes access to both the online program and the in-person session, providing you with comprehensive training without any hidden costs. Sign up today and empower yourself with life-saving skills!

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RN and RPN Nursing Staff, inject safety into your team practice with us.

Nurses, inject some more safety into your practice with our blended first aid and CPR courses in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto area. Balancing online self-paced learning with interactive in-person sessions, our courses offer comprehensive training without disrupting your nursing schedule. Plus, enrolling as a group opens up opportunities for savings. Book now to enhance your healthcare capabilities.

"Nurse Teams, Join Us: Book Our Facility for Customized, Private CPR Training!"

Nurse teams, welcome to a new way of learning with Para CPR & First Aid. By scheduling a private course at our dedicated training facility, you're choosing convenience, personalization, and a team-building experience. Our private courses are designed to fit your team's unique needs, offering a customized training experience led by our dedicated Paramedic instructors. This isn't just a course, it's an opportunity for your team to bond while learning vital skills in a setting that's entirely focused on your training goals. Join us today and experience the difference of our private courses.


"Nurse Teams, We Come to You: Private, On-Site CPR & First Aid Courses!"

Attention Nurse Teams! Experience the convenience and customization of Para CPR & First Aid's private courses, delivered right at your workplace or chosen facility. Our private courses offer a level of personalization that allows us to tailor training to match your specific needs. Beyond learning crucial skills, these sessions become a great team bonding experience. With our Paramedic instructors completely dedicated to your training goals, you'll gain the confidence and competence to handle emergencies effectively. Choose us for a training experience that puts your needs first.

"Master Life-Saving Skills with Para CPR & First Aid: Affordable, On-Demand Training Tailored for Nurses!"

The main goal of a Nurse is to confidently handle emergencies and save lives using the practical skills they've acquired. Para CPR & First Aid, with its paramedic-led courses, provides just the right platform for every nurse to enhance their life-saving skills. Our Discounted Preferred Client Rate program ensures that nurses can get access to our top-notch training whenever needed, meeting the fluctuating demands of the nursing profession with ease, affordability, and flexibility.


"Empower Your Nursing Career: Learn from Real Paramedics and Master the Art of Emergency Response!"

As students in nursing programs at colleges and universities, your goal is to gain the practical skills needed to effectively respond to medical emergencies. Learning from real paramedics provides you with the most up-to-date, field-tested information, empowering you to make correct decisions under pressure. Not only will you understand how paramedics operate on the scene, but you'll also learn what they need to perform their duties, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of emergency medical care.

"Boost Your Skills, Save Time & Money: Discover Our Tailored Blended Courses for Busy Nurses!"

As an RN, RPN, or NP Registered Nurse, your time is precious. You need CPR and first aid training that fits into your busy schedule without sacrificing quality. Our Half-Online, Half-In-Class Blended Courses at Para CPR & First Aid are designed with you in mind - offering the convenience of online learning with the hands-on experience of in-person training, saving you time and money while providing a comprehensive learning experience.

"Team Up, Save More: Enjoy Up to 40% Off on Group First Aid & CPR Training for RNs, RPNs, and NPs!"

Unlock the power of teamwork with our group training courses, designed for RNs, RPNs, or NPs! With our discounted group rates, you can save up to 40% on Standard First Aid & CPR while enjoying a fun, bonding experience. Learn together, grow together and save together with Para CPR & First Aid.


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