Katelyn D.

Marketing Specialist

PCP - Primary Care Paramedic

Katelyn D.'s Bio and Background


Centennial college- Pre-health

Centennial college - Primary Care Paramedic




MANERS Psychological First Aid


Primary Care Paramedic - 7 years

Paramedic Preceptor

Social Media and Campaign Organizer

GlobalMedic Volunteer

Ronald McDonald House - Christmas Dinner organizer / host

Fun Facts about Katelyn

Katelyn has always had a passion for helping others and being artistic. She’s the type of person who will work hard for what she wants. She grew up playing rugby for 7 years, doing volunteer work and having photography as a hobby. You’ll always find Katelyn with a camera, editing videos and finding ways to get creative. She likes to spend her time working out, hiking with her dog and spending quality time with friends and family.

How and Why did Katelyn get involved in First Aid and CPR training?

Katelyn always wanted to do a job that got her involved in the community, was fast-paced and medicine-focused. She got her dream job as a paramedic with Peel Region in 2017 and never looked back.

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Katelyn D.

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