Educational Professionals

As educators, you shape the minds and hearts of the next generation.

What if you could also equip them with the knowledge to save a life?

How might that change the way they perceive their capability?

Here's Why Educational Professionals Choose Para CPR and First Aid

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Why choosing a Top-Rate Training Provider is important for Educational Professionals

As Teachers and Early Childhood Educators, you deal with bustling classrooms with energetic kids where accidents - and ANYthing - can happen.

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How Para CPR and First Aid serves Educational Professionals

Standard First Aid & CPR C training equips you to handle these incidents promptly and keep your students safe. Whether you're teaching in private schools or public schools, this training & certification is essential.

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First Aid CPR Training for Educational Professionals in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto

Our Standard First Aid and CPR C certification covers Adult, Child, Infant, and 2-Person CPR, plus AED use.

The best part? Our Paramedic-led courses are offered in a Blended Training format.  We combine online learning with an in-person skills session, so you can fit training into your busy schedule.

Blended In-Class & Online First Aid & CPR Training Courses
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What can Educational Professionals expect from Para CPR First Aid?

Customized Training for Educational Professionals

We understand the specific needs and emergencies of a variety of workplaces and environments. If you're looking for first aid and CPR training for a more specialized application, browse through our list of clients below and choose the category which suits you best.

First Aid & CPR Training that Empowers

But it's not only about meeting job requirements - as educators, you have the power to not only shape minds but also save lives.  

It's about knowing you can make a difference in the life of our precious children, and your fellow school staff, when it counts.

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