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We empower PSWs like yourself in the face of medical emergencies. Personal Support Workers in Mississauga, Brampton, and Etobicoke can benefit from the real world experience of Para CPR & First Aid's active duty paramedic instructors. We will equip you with the vital skills needed to act confidently and correctly when it protecting our most vulnerable populations.

You're Busy Enough — Get Certified at your OWN Pace

Our flexible blended courses are half online and half in-class. Get certified at your own pace with less time away from work and family.

Paramedic-Led CPR Training for Personal Support Workers

Don't settle for low quality training — be there for your clients knowing you've been trained by local active-duty Paramedics at Para CPR & First Aid.

Paramedic-Led CPR Training for PSWs: Empowering Decisive Action in Emergencies!

Para CPR & First Aid, a leading provider in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto, offers PSWs paramedic-led, blended First Aid & CPR training, preparing them for smart action and decision-making in real emergencies.

Why Personal Support Workers Partner with us for First Aid and CPR Training:

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Master Life-Saving Care for Vulnerable Clients with Paramedic-Led First Aid & CPR Training

Master Life-Saving Care for Vulnerable Clients with Paramedic-Led First Aid & CPR Training

Get Standard First Aid & Basic Life Support CPR Certified in prep for the HSCPOA Act

Are you a Personal Support Worker striving to stay on top of the upcoming regulatory changes? Our blended learning approach, half online & half in-class self-paced programs are tailored to your busy schedule. You'll need less time away from work and family to be the PSW who can truly save a life when it matters most.

PSW Team Group Discount Program

As a Personal Support Worker, your team is eligible for a Discounted Preferred Client Rate that ensures you and your team members can access courses whenever needed — at reduced rates!

At Para CPR & First Aid, we empower Personal Support Workers like you to confidently make a difference when it matters most.

PSW Teams can save up to 40% with Our Group Rate Program on Standard First Aid & CPR Courses

Blended, Half Online First Aid and CPR Training for PSWs

You're no stranger to the demands of 12-hour shifts, juggling family responsibilities, and the constant struggle to find quality time with your family.

Booking a two-day course is often near-impossible with your packed schedule. That's why Para CPR & First Aid's blended courses are a game-changer. They offer a practical, shortened experience that combines self-paced online training with in-class instruction, perfectly tailored for your busy life.

Our courses meet the Ontario WSIB 1101 standards, plus allow you to balance professional development with your personal commitments, ensuring you stay certified without sacrificing precious family time.

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PSW Teams are Eligible for up to 40% Off

Para CPR & First Aid offers PSW team discounts.

Groups of 4 and more are eligible for up to 40% off Standard First Aid and CPR courses.

Companies & teams are best served with our preferred rate discount program. You can send team members any time, one by one or in groups, and still take advantage of group rates!

Click the button below to contact us about setting up your PSW Team Discount program.

PSWs can Come to Us for Customized, Empowering Sessions!

Book your PSW team for a private course at our training facility in Mississauga!

Private courses are designed to meet your unique needs, fostering team bonding and trust through hands-on training. With our Paramedic instructors dedicated to your training goals, we provide personalized attention to ensure you're ready to confidently handle any emergency.

We strive to equip PSWs with the skills and confidence to make a life-saving difference.


We can also bring our Lifesaving Training to You!

It's very convenient to have our experienced Paramedic instructors come to your workplace, business, or facility, providing personalized and customized training that perfectly aligns with your team's needs.

Not only does this streamline the learning process, but it also fosters a great bonding experience among your team.

With an on-site private course, our Paramedic instructors can tailor training to your specific workplace, and help your team perform their best within your everyday environment.

You're Busy Enough — Get Certified at your OWN Pace

At Para CPR & First Aid, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities Personal Support Workers face. That's why our Paramedic-led training courses are designed to equip you with the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills you need to meet government first aid requirements and safeguard your clients in emergencies. With our blended learning model and group discounts, we make it effortless and affordable for Personal Support Workers to stay certified and ready for anything - because when you're empowered, so are those you care for.

Personal Support Workers

Paramedic-Led CPR Training for Personal Support Workers

Real Paramedics teach all courses at Para CPR & First Aid! Your job places you directly with our most vulnerable populations, prone to a variety of health issues and accidents. You can't afford to let them down when it counts. We'll give you the most up-to-date, field-tested techniques that equip you to act swiftly and correctly in real emergencies.

Paramedic-Led CPR Training for PSWs: Empowering Decisive Action in Emergencies!

Hey there, PSWs! We know your life is a whirlwind of work, personal commitments, and maybe even school. That's why at Para CPR & First Aid, we've tailored our Half-Online, Half-In-Class Blended Courses to fit into your busy schedule in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto area. Learn crucial life-saving skills from real-life paramedics, all while saving time and money - it's practical, flexible, and designed with you in mind!

PSWs, Join Para CPR & First Aid: Learn from Real Paramedics and Become Life-Saving Heroes!

Join Para CPR & First Aid, where real paramedics guide OPSWA Certified Personal Support Workers through top-notch training, helping you become a life-saving hero in emergencies. Experience our popular blended courses, combining online convenience with hands-on learning, all while saving up to 40% with our group discounts!

Personal Support Workers

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Here's what you need to know as a PSW about the upcoming HSCPOA Act [updated June 2024]

Effective December 2024, Ontario introduces the Health and Supportive Care Providers Oversight Authority to regulate PSWs, ensuring safe, competent, and ethical care. The new framework includes registration pathways, a public register, and a Code of Ethics, aiming to enhance public trust and quality of care.
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What type of CPR do you need for PSW? [Updated 2024]

As of June 2024, Ontario's Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are not government regulated, but this will soon change with the HSCPOA Act. While not yet mandated, Standard First Aid and CPR BLS certification is usually required to complete PSW college programs & demanded by employers based on healthcare setting needs and Ontario WSIB regulation 1101.
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Effective Communication in Crisis Situations: Guidelines for Personal Support Workers (PSWs)

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are crucial in healthcare, especially in Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Effective communication, technical skills, and first aid training are essential for PSWs to provide care during crises. Para CPR & First Aid offers courses tailored to their needs, equipping them with necessary skills to handle emergencies confidently.
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Personal Support Workers, PSW Team, and PSWs can get Ontario WSIB recognized certification and training from our conveniently located facility, serving Mississauga, Brampton, and Etobicoke.

PSW Teams, weave first aid into your support system and elevate patient care.

Personal Support Workers: Support your CPR skills. Contact us for first aid training!

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