Brianna W.

First Aid & CPR Instructor

PCP - Primary Care Paramedic

Brianna W.'s Bio and Background


BA Media, Information and Technoculture - Western University 2018

Primary Care Paramedic - Fanshawe College 2020

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

POLHN Mental Health Gap Action Program


4 years - Primary Care Paramedic

Fanshawe IHI Open School Chapter Leader

Fanshawe Student Emergency Response Team

Fun Fact

Fun Facts about Brianna

Brianna grew up playing a variety of sports, including hockey, soccer, volleyball and gymnastics. In her first year of University she was introduced to rock climbing and has been climbing outdoors in places including Red Rocks (Las Vegas), Red River Gorge (Kentucky), Squamish, BC. She has bicycled in the 4 day, 500km Paramedic Ride in 2019 and 2022. Recently, her travels have brought her to Mexico to surf the waves on the pacific coast. When she isn’t outdoors or working on the ambulance, she can be found at the University of Toronto libraries where she researches Eastern Encephalitis Virus as an External Research Assistant.

How and Why did Brianna get involved in First Aid and CPR training?

When Brianna was bicycling in London, Ontario in the summer of 2017, she came across an unconscious person. With the limited knowledge she had, she provided basic first aid while another bystander called 911. The paramedics arrived and took the person to the hospital. After this experience, Brianna decided to advance her first aid knowledge and the following month she became certified as an Emergency First Responder. Her passion caught the attention of a local medical events company who recruited her to join their team. There, her co-workers inspired her to apply to the Fanshawe Paramedic Program to pursue a career in Paramedicine.


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Brianna W.

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