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If you're an employee, or a manager of employees in the workplace, and need to ensure you've got the right certification for your needs, you're in the right place. The Team at Para CPR & First Aid put together this resource to guide you through requirements for Employee CPR and for regulations covering First Aid in the Workplace, particular to our local area of Mississauga, Brampton, and Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada.

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Right to the Point

The Shortest, Fastest Answer: Choose Standard First Aid and CPR C

In general, to have your bases covered, employees should be certified in Standard First Aid & CPR C. It's the most common required level of First Aid and CPR level for the majority of workplaces. It's a higher level of training than Emergency First Aid.

CPR Level C also trains employees in 2-person CPR - a helpful skill in the event of a real emergency at the workplace.

However if the workplace is a healthcare environment, or if there is an expectation of professional medical care, then Standard First Aid & CPR BLS will be the preferred CPR Certification Level for employees.

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Let's Talk Numbers...

How many Employees in a Workplace must be certified and trained in First Aid & CPR?

Workplaces are required to conduct an assessment of their workplace's size and layout. Employers are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient numbers of first aid trained and CPR certified employees available. The rule of thumb is that a first aid certified person on site should be able to attend to an injured person within two minutes time.

In general, if 5 or less employees are working together in the same area & shift, then 1 must be Emergency First Aid & CPR certified. If 6 or more employees are together at the same time in the workplace, then 1 or more must be Standard First Aid & CPR certified.

You can read more about this in our Blog on First Aid Requirements in the Workplace here >

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Understanding CPR Levels

Which Employee CPR Certification is required?

If employees in the workplace will only come in contact with adults, then CPR A (adult only CPR) is sufficient. However, if the workplace demands are such that employees will interact and come across youths, children, and infants, then CPR C (adult, child, and infant CPR) is required.

If there is a professional expectation of a higher level of care in the workplace, such as the healthcare environment or as an emergency first responder, then the CPR Level required is Basic Life Support CPR, also known as CPR BLS, CPR BCLS, or HCP CPR.

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Why and Who Says So?

What laws, acts, or regulations on First Aid & CPR apply to workplaces in Ontario?

Ontario WSIB Regulation 1101, the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and industry-specific acts, laws, and regulations dictate these requirements.

Make sure the provider you choose issues certifications recognized by Ontario WSIB and meets Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Workplace First Aid (WFA) standards.

Para CPR & First Aid meets all the above criteria.

First Aid in the Workplace Ontario WSIB Regulation 1101 Mississauga Brampton Etobicoke

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