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Standard First Aid & CPR for Lifeguards in Etobicoke

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Para CPR and First Aid is the best option for Lifeguards in Etobicoke looking for engaging, enjoyable, and Ontario WSIB recognized certification programs in Standard First Aid and CPR + AED.

All our courses are half online and self-paced, and half in-class - taught by real, active Paramedics who serve our local community in Etobicoke.

Feel Confident with your NEW Ontario WSIB Recognized Standard First Aid Certification

Half In-Class, Half Online Standard First Aid & CPR for Lifeguards

Dive into Para CPR & First Aid's blended courses in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto area, designed specifically for Lifeguards like you. Our unique half online, self-paced course marries remote eLearning with engaging, hands-on in-person skill sessions guided by real paramedics. Start your Aquatic Rescue journey today, finish at your own pace, and schedule your in-person session when you're ready. Rest assured, the price covers both the online program and the in-person training, offering unbeatable value and convenience.

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Lifeguards, Supercharge Your Career with Para CPR & First Aid's Fast-Track, Lifesaving Courses!

Engaging, Paramedic-led Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Training in Etobicoke

Para CPR & First Aid's paramedic-led training empowers you, the lifeguard, to leap into action with certainty in any emergency - because every moment counts when a life is on the line! Our Blended Course offers a unique mix of self-paced online learning and hands-on in-person training - it's not just about knowing the skills, but mastering them for when they matter most. With Para CPR & First Aid, gain the critical knowledge, real-world expertise, and unwavering confidence you need to make a life-saving difference, because on our watch, no one slips through the cracks.

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7 Hours Online, 7 Hours In-Person Skills Session

We've made it faster than ever before to learn Standard First Aid and CPR + AED and attain valid certification recognized in Etobicoke.


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Get Standard First Aid and CPR + AED Certified!

Standard First Aid with CPR/AED Course Agenda for Emergency First Responders

  • Heat Emergencies & Cold Emergencies

  • Diabetic Emergencies

  • Asthma Emergencies

  • Anaphylaxis and Severe Allergy Emergencies

  • Burn Emergencies: Types & Treatments

  • Head Injuries: How to Identify and Respond

  • Bone Fractures and Injuries

  • Seizures: The Types and Treatments

  • Eye Injuries

  • Poison Emergencies and Drug Overdose Emergencies

  • Get Ahead of Diabetes Emergencies: Know the Signs

  • Bleeding – How to Control & When to Escalate

  • AED Operation: How and When

  • CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • Choking: A Life-Threatening Emergency for Everyone

  • Recognizing and Responding to Strokes - Act F.A.S.T.!

  • What to Do with a Heart Attack & Angina

  • How to Protect Yourself with Proper Disease Transmission Prevention Techniques

  • Emergency Preparedness: A Guide to Providing 9-1-1 Information

  • Let's explore the differences between CPR C, CPR A, and CPR BLS!

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Standard First Aid and CPR for Lifeguards in Etobicoke

Get trained & certified in the most popular, most requested certification for both the workplace and the home. Be prepared for anything with Standard First Aid & CPR/AED.

Etobicoke First Aid and CPR