Understanding the Three Cs of Emergencies as a Physiotherapist

September 1, 2023
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September 26, 2023
Understanding the Three Cs of Emergencies as a Physiotherapist
In physiotherapy, understanding the three Cs of emergencies - Check, Call, and Care - is crucial. These guide physiotherapists in assessing the situation, summoning help, and providing first aid. First-aid training equips healthcare professionals with the skills needed to handle emergencies effectively.

Let's discuss an essential subject vital in physiotherapy—understanding the three Cs of emergencies. Physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants in Mississauga and Brampton must be prepared for any situation during our practice.

This is where the importance of the three Cs—Check, Call, and Care—comes into play.

Check: The First Step Towards Safety

The first "C" stands for Check. In a physiotherapy clinic or a sports field, this means assessing the situation for potential dangers before rushing in to provide aid. For instance, if a football player collapses on the field, our initial reaction should be to check the surroundings. Are there any immediate dangers, like ongoing gameplay, that could further harm you or the injured player?

This step is crucial as it ensures the safety of both the rescuer and the victim. It also aids in identifying the cause of the injury, allowing us to provide accurate information when we move on to the next "C."

Call: Summon Professional Help

Once the situation has been assessed and is under control, the next step is to Call for help. This could mean dialing 911, calling for a nearby medic, or alerting other staff members in your physiotherapy clinic.

As a physiotherapist or assistant, your primary role is stabilizing the patient until professional medical help arrives. We are not a substitute for a doctor or an ambulance. So, make that call!

Care: Provide Necessary First Aid

The third "C" stands for Care. Once you've checked the situation and called for help, it's time to provide the necessary first aid. Depending on the injury and your level of training, this could range from performing CPR, stopping a bleed, applying a bandage, or simply reassuring the patient until help arrives.

One of the key elements of Care is to do no further harm. So, if you're unsure about a particular procedure, waiting for professional help is best.

The Role of First Aid Training for Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants

Understanding the three Cs is just one part of dealing with emergencies. To effectively implement them, comprehensive first-aid training is essential. It equips us with the knowledge and confidence to handle emergencies, providing the best care for our patients when they need us most.

Para CPR & First Aid offers blended half-online first aid and CPR training designed to provide flexible and comprehensive training. Our courses are tailored to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to handle emergencies in a sports setting and beyond.

An advantage of Para CPR & First Aid is that we use real paramedics to train you in person. Isn't this better than receiving instruction from someone who is only trained in CPR and first aid? Wouldn't you rather learn from someone who regularly uses CPR and first aid?

Be the Most Efficient Physiotherapy Clinic

As physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants, you play a critical role in the health and well-being of our athletes. Understanding the three Cs of emergencies—Check, Call, and Care—can ensure you're prepared to take action when the unexpected happens.

Take a step towards becoming more efficient healthcare providers. Sign up for the Para CPR & First Aid training today and make a difference when it matters the most. Because every second counts when saving a life, and so does the right training.


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Maximize Your Physiotherapy Clinic's Preparedness with Life-Saving Skills

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