Everything You Need to Know If You're Thinking about A Security Job in the GTA

October 11, 2023
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December 23, 2023
Everything You Need to Know If You're Thinking about A Security Job in the GTA
Thinking about a security guard job in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)? This article delves into the profession, its demands, and career advancement. From being a stepping stone to future aspirations to learning essential skills like conflict resolution and emergency response, working as a security guard offers growth opportunities. Gain valuable experience for law enforcement or leadership roles by progressing to positions like site supervisor, mobile patrol supervisor, or security manager.

If you are considering a job as a security guard in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or know someone who is, this article is for you.

The security profession is often seen as a survival job—a foundation upon which to build a future career or to meet immediate financial needs. However, it requires more skills and responsibilities than most people realize.

How do you know if Security is right for you?

For many individuals, working as a security guard is not just a job, but a means of survival. This is especially true for newcomers to Canada, such as International Students, who are seeking minimum wage jobs to establish their lives in a new country.

It's also a great opportunity for people who want to become police officers, go into the military, or work in law enforcement as an emergency first responder.

As you embark on this journey, working as a security guard serves as a crucial stepping stone towards your future career and aspirations. It provides you with a stable foundation from which you can pay rent, buy food, and meet your basic needs.

Driven by the determination to create a better future for yourself and your family, a security job can help lay the groundwork for your dreams and ambitions to flourish in the years to come.

What Does a Security Guard Job Involve?

Security guards work around the clock, providing 24/7 services. This job involves shift work, which can be demanding but also offers flexible schedules to fit your lifestyle.

It's not merely about standing guard at a location; there's a lot to learn and master.

As a security guard, you'll need to understand and be responsible for:

  • Fire alarm procedures - what to do if there's a real fire, often including operation of equipment like a fire panel, making announcements, and working with firefighters
  • Access control procedures - letting only the right people in, keeping the wrong people out
  • Conflict resolution - handling very upset people and persuading them to follow the property's rules - this can be VERY difficult!
  • How to approach suspicious individuals & keep yourself safe too

In case of threats, you must also know how to protect yourself and others. This role often entails being the primary person responsible for protecting thousands of people on a property during emergencies, such as a fire at a condominium.

Security Training and Career Advancement

Unfortunately, not all security guard companies provide proper training, leaving their staff ill-equipped to handle emergencies effectively.

This lack of training can lead to high turnover rates in the industry. Many people only work as a guard for a few months before moving on.

However, if you stick with it, working as a security guard can open doors to career advancement. With proper training, you can move up to become a Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager, or even Director of Security.

Security Guard Site Supervisor

A few months of experience can make you stand out and qualify you for promotions, such as a Site Supervisor.

For some, working full-time as a security guard for a few years is an excellent way to develop leadership abilities, organizational skills, and cultivate valuable relationships.

Being a Security Guard Site Supervisor often means either committing to a full time position during a time that might conflict with school, family, or other commitments.

Mobile Patrol Supervisor

For those aspiring to be police officers, a position as a mobile patrol supervisor offers experience similar to driving a police cruiser and responding to emergencies—often during night shifts.  

Employees will count on you to help them when they don't know what to do - which will be very often!  It can be frustrating, but this is what being a supervisor is all about - helping your team and ensuring everyone does the job up to the standard.  

This role is a good stepping stone for police officer hopefuls, giving you exposure to law enforcement situations and developing your skills in case of an emergency.

While the demand for mobile patrol supervisors is high, leading to potential burnout after 2-3 years, the job provides invaluable experience for future law enforcement work.

Security Guard Manager

With more experience and training, you can advance to become a Security Manager or even an Account Manager. In these roles, you'll oversee multiple properties or accounts and lead teams of security guards.

This is where your problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and leadership qualities will really shine. You'll also have the chance to build strong relationships with clients and ensure they're happy.

As a Security Manager, you'll play a crucial role in keeping properties safe and secure, making important decisions during emergencies, and implementing effective security procedures. It's a challenging but rewarding job that can open doors for further career growth in the security field.

Much of your time will be dealing with employee matters, such as sick calls, attitude issues, performance issues, hiring, and yes - firing too.  It can be uncomfortable, but if you want to gain managerial experience you can have that chance in the security field.  

First Aid & CPR Certification Requirements for Security Guards in the GTA

In Ontario, all security guards must have a minimum of Emergency First Aid and CPR A certification to obtain an Ontario Security Guard license and legally work. Working without a license carries severe criminal consequences.

While the bare minimum is Emergency First Aid and CPR A, many employers prefer candidates with Standard First Aid and CPR C certification. This higher level of certification involves a more comprehensive course but is only a few dollars more, making it a worthwhile investment.

At Para CPR & First Aid, we provide engaging, Paramedic-led first aid & CPR training in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto area. Our experienced team consists of Advanced Care Paramedics and certified medical professionals passionate about empowering everyday people to act confidently and correctly in emergencies.

Whether you're considering a career in security or already working in the field, upgrading your certification can enhance your skills and make you more appealing to employers. Don't just meet the bare minimum requirements—go above and beyond. Your future self will thank you.


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