Affordable First Aid & CPR Certification in Mississauga & Brampton: Here's What You Need to Know

February 18, 2024
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April 13, 2024
Affordable First Aid & CPR Certification in Mississauga & Brampton: Here's What You Need to Know
Getting certified in first aid and CPR is a smart move, even if you're on a tight budget. There are options like CPR Only Certification, Emergency First Aid & CPR, and blended learning programs available. When looking for an affordable CPR or first aid course, it's important to check if the program is WSIB-accredited in Ontario. Don't sacrifice quality training for cost because ultimately, it's about saving lives.

If you're on a tight budget but recognize the importance of being prepared for emergencies, obtaining a first aid and CPR certification is undoubtedly a wise investment.

Whether it's for a workplace mandate or you're caring for young children, the elderly, or the ill, being equipped with lifesaving skills is invaluable.

Here's how you can get certified without breaking the bank.

The Cheapest First Aid and CPR Certification Options

CPR Only Certification

Starting with the basics, a CPR only course is the most affordable option. It equips you with the essential skills to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Unlike other organizations that charge more for CPR BLS, we offer it at the same price as CPR A & CPR C.

Get CPR Certified at Para CPR & First Aid for only $65 >

Emergency First Aid & CPR

The lowest level of First Aid, this program covers CPR as well as basic first aid techniques. Although it's cost-effective, most workplaces require Standard First Aid & CPR certification.  

That being said, Emergency First Aid is the cheapest between the 2, and is a good option if you only want the basics.

Get Emergency First Aid & CPR Certified with Para for $95 >

Blended Learning Programs - Half Online, Half In-Class

Combining online theory with in-class practical sessions, blended First Aid & CPR courses provide flexibility and often a lower price point due to reduced classroom time.

Many training providers are offering their 2-day in-class only programs for well over $200 these days in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Greater Toronto Area.

The cheapest first aid and CPR course is going to be the one that allows you to learn at home, at work, and at your own pace, and then combines that online learning with a shortened in-class program.

At Para, all our courses are blended programs.  This saves you money, AND saves you time.

Get Standard First Aid & CPR Certified with us for only $129 >

Group Discounts

Are you looking to certify your team or group? Some providers offer group rates, further reducing the cost per participant.

Check out our Group Rates page here and save up to 40% when you register with a group of 4 or more!

Finding the Cheapest Certifications Near You? Don't Sacrifice Quality for Cost

There are many courses that won’t empty your wallet but seeking out the "cheapest CPR certification near me" may not always be straightforward.

While finding a "cheap first aid course" might be your goal, ensure the program is recognized and accredited by Ontario WSIB - the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of the Ontario Government.  Especially if you need this certification for the workplace, it needs to be officially recognized.

The quality of your training should not be compromised for price — after all, it's about saving lives, not saving dollars.

Why Choose Para for Your First Aid & CPR Certification?

The choice of where to receive your First Aid & CPR training is critical.  

Price is an important factor, though it's not the only one.  Here's a shortlist of factors you might want to consider when choosing your First Aid & CPR training provider.

1. Price: We're more economical than the other larger organizations as we run a leaner operation and leverage the power of online learning combined with in-class instruction. Plus, all our instructors are real paramedics!

This uniquely positions us as the most credible, cost-effective lifesaving training solution in the market.

2. Credibility: Our courses are recognized by Ontario WSIB, ensuring that our training adheres to the highest standards. Beware of online-only courses that aren't recognized and wouldn't provide you with a valid certification for work.

3. Quality: We believe in enhanced learning. All our instructors are experienced paramedics, offering higher quality training with a more personalized, hands-on approach. With Para CPR & First Aid, you're not just another enrollee; you're gaining invaluable knowledge from industry professionals.

4. Flexibility: We understand leading a busy life - as Paramedics, we work night shift, day shift, afternoon shift, overtime, long hours and balance family life too! So we understand that you want the  ability to participate in your in-class session at times that work for you.  We have a number of in-person classes to choose from, and offer flexible rescheduling policies.

5. Online Self-Paced Learning: We offer an online self-paced learning model, so you can take our courses according to your own schedule, at your own pace.  It's not a test - it's designed so you learn and so you pass.

6. Support Local: By choosing Para CPR & First Aid, you're also supporting a local Brampton & Mississauga-based business and are contributing to your own community.

At Para, we offer accessible, practical, and accredited options to empower you with confidence in emergency situations.

Choose to learn with Para, and you'll be truly prepared to make a difference.

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Cost Effective CPR & First Aid Training Near You

Cost Effective CPR & First Aid Training Near You

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